I rarely tweet. The proposition of writing a Twitter essay confused and intimidated me. How could I express a complete thesis in 140 characters? How would I even begin much less finish? This project, though, was my favorite from the whole semester. The process was pure poetry in technological slam format. Short word punches in a digital dimension changed the way I thought about communication.  This Tweet hopefully expresses how objects possess us, that we are the commodities being bought and sold.


Taking a bite out of the apple. Image Credit: http://www.everypainterpaintshimself.com/article/cranachs_animals_in_adam_and_eves_1509-1533

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Twitter Essay 1/26/2015

Jane Allison Gunn @jagunn · 3h3 hours ago

#WhoAmI Objects/Belongings/Possessions-My stuff reflects a version of ME determined by YOU. I am slave to possessions. #needsvwants #GSUres



Gotta have it. #needsvwants Do #objects facilitate #creation? Am I #buyer or #sellout #Apple #uservused #GSUres Slave to possessions. #sold



The cable had been on the fritz for awhile, but when it got so bad that I couldn’t watch the Australian Open I broke down and made the appointment for repair. I was sitting on the couch staring at my computer and fretting over the twitter essay prompt, “what do objects say about us,” when the cable guy asked me if I was a mac person. Apparently my objects were saying something about me. Swilling my morning coffee from my “reincarnate” mug, I mumbled a pre-caffeinated, “I don’t know,” in a barely human leave-me-alone snarl, but I had the creative insight I needed to tweet. When I think about a mac person I envision a hipster graphic arts designer creating websites for a groovy band. Maybe the mac person lives in California or somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, wears skinny jeans and a beanie. I, on the other hand, am syncing my iPhone with my Macbook Pro that is powerful enough to operate the space station while sitting on my IKEA couch in my tiny house in Decatur, GA. I bought the house because I watched so much HGTV House Hunters that I became convinced I not only needed to buy a home but that I could buy a home. The house needed to have a huge fenced in yard because I watched so many episodes of the Dog Whisperer  that I became convinced that I could get a dog and be the best, most intuitive dog mother on the planet. I bought the iPhone and the Macbook based on cool advertising and a desire to seem like whatever I thought a mac person was. I wanted to appear radical, independent, fierce, creative, and I believed the advertising that told me these objects belonged to that kind of person. My objects represent who I want to be, and advertising plays a pivotal role in helping me determine who I want to be. I want to be independent, a bit of a rebel, so I better buy these products that portray that image. I am not really trying to convince myself that I am that rogue creative, though; I am trying to convince everyone else who sees me that I am that person. If I buy certain objects then I become a certain person. That certain person is who I want to exhibit to others. Who I am is internal and independent of these purchased possessions. In order to exist in the physical world and express myself, though, I need belongings or objects to communicate myselfness to the people that I interact with. The objects that I choose may be pleasing to me, but they also portray me to other people.

I loved the twitter essay. I loved how distilling my idea into a few words and hashtags felt like poetry. I had never really experimented with the medium of Twitter, and this essay task, which at first seemed completely foreign and unachievable, turned out to be fun and creative. I had no idea what direction my thoughts would take, but the cable guy’s question about being a mac person just opened up a font of creativity. Objects are the things that I think I need to express who I am as defined by you. I basically have an IV of advertising information constantly pumping into my psyche. I bought the mac because I think macs are cooler than pc’s. Why do I think that? Advertising. I am not a musician or a graphics person. I surf the web and occasionally write a few essays for school. I don’t need objects to be me, but I do need objects for you to see me. The more intimate I am with you the less I need objects to express who I am. To the casual observer, though, I definitely need stuff to portray me.