The timeline project represents a chronological exposition of this brass compact unearthed during MARTA rail construction. The actual history of this particular compact may never be fully known, but chronology can be composed. I wanted the timeline to tell a story of the sublime nature of the compact, to juxtapose the fanciful fashion accessory with the deadly nature of seeking beauty. My timeline shows a collection of images throughout history that are all in some way connected with the creation of this compact. From the Ovid’s Myth of Narcissus to brass metallurgy and ammunition, the sublime edge between beauty and danger is contained in this one little pocket mirror discarded in Atlanta’s west end.

I used the Timeline JS tool to display images and links to tell the story I saw embodied by the compact. I knew the history I wanted to present, but capturing it in the timeline format was a new and challenging experience. My classmates and professor all shared their experience and support, and I eventually was able to describe this artifact in a way that I had never considered possible.