Currently,  I’m researching the topics of death, materiality, and tavern culture.

I have chosen an artifact—the memorial plaque of Bud Foote.

via Georgia Tech

Foote was a regular at Manuel’s Tavern and an important person to the Atlanta community as an English professor at Georgia Tech and the co-founder of the Atlanta Folk Music Society.

Here’s a video from the Georgia Tech video archive, an oral history interview with Foote himself:

The artifact I aim to produce via Scalar will be a combination of research, theory, material culture study and oral history interview presented in a digital medium.  In addition to my artifact, I’m working alongside Unpacking Manuel’s to help research artifacts in the archive and connect researchers with points of contact in the community.

In order to reflect the current state of my work, I’ve updated my workflow chart:

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 2.25.57 PM